Yes, Please! No, Thank You!

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Glin Dibley, a major talent whose illustrations were hailed as “exuberant” by School Library Journal, and new author Valerie Wheeler combine forces to create a rollicking, riotous picture book that will have youngsters giggling and shouting with delight. Yes, kids will happily shout out the answers to the wonderfully silly questions posed in this picture book. And, no, they won’t even realize they’re learning about manners at the same time, because they’ll be having way too much fun. The bright and goofy text simply encourages young ones and their parents to make a joyful noise in chorus with the happy little boy in the story. Would you like to ride on the back of a dolphin? –Yes, please! Would you like the dolphin to steal your bathing suit? –No, thank you. Would you like to visit the fair and go on all the rides? –Yes, please! Would you like to throw up on the lady beside you? –No, thank you.Will children want to read this over and over and over again? Oh, yes please!

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