Safety Pin, The

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David and Elliot were great camp friends. They lived far away from each other during the school year, but every summer they looked forward to reuniting at the camp bus stop. One Sunday, David and Elliot walked to morning prayers. David brought a safety pin with him from the bunk. Everyone at camp had safety pins. ( If you don’t know why everyone at camp had safety pins, you will need to read the book). During morning prayers David took the safety pin out of his pocket and started to play with it. First, he opened and closed the safety pin. Then he started to rub the safety pin against his cheeks. A few minutes later, Holy Moly! You won’t believe what happens next! The story leads to a happy ending with a lot of important lessons learned. Join David and Elliot as they make new friends and learn new things in the Summer Camp Stories series The Safety Pin (Book #1) is a fun, zany and educational adventure with a universal message. The story is told with rich vocabulary and is beautifully illustrated by award winning illustrator Victor Guiza. Inspirational quotes are embedded in many illustrations to educate, entertain, and stimulate conversation. The series subtly introduces children to summer camp life.

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