Time-Life Books Complete Home Improvement and Renovation Manual

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This may be the wrong time to sell your home, but it is the right time to renovate, the perfect opportunity to increase the value of your property — even in a soft real estate market. And the perfect source to turn to is Time-Life, a name trusted by millions of do-it-yourselfers for decades. Based on the bestselling Time-Life series ever, here is the ultimate guide to protecting your #1 investment — a way to enhance the value, as well as the comfort and efficiency of your home. Whether you want to design a work-efficient modern kitchen, refinish a wood floor, create new spaces or new rooms, Time-Life Books Complete Home Improvement and Renovation Manual will give you all the confidence and information you need to do the job simply, professionally, and at minimum expense. Presented in the clear, no-nonsense style for which Time-Life is famous, and illustrated with hundreds of detailed drawings and diagrams, this is the most accurate, most up-to-date, and most dependable home-improvement guide available today. Inside you’ll find an enormous supply of sound advice, innovative and inexpensive ideas, and explicit, straightforward instructions for every home renovation procedure imaginable: * Modernize and enlarge kitchens and bathrooms * Beautify ceilings, floors, woodwork, stairways, and fireplaces * Extend heating, plumbing, and electrical systems * Design and install graceful new windows and doors * Revamp roofing and siding * Add value with new patios, decks, and fences * Plus, special features on work safety, the proper use of tools, dealing with emergencies, and the hiring of contractors Upstairs and down, inside and out, this easy-to-follow, streamlined volume will save you time, money, and aggravation. So strap on your tool belt and turn to Time-Life Books Complete Home Improvement and Renovation Manual — the one and only source of instruction you need to achieve perfect results. Whether you are an owner or renter, it will help you transform your house or apartment into a home of which you can be proud for years to come.

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