Spiritual Imperative, The

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Copernicus and Galileo’s sun-centered model of the solar system gave us our view of space. Newton and Einstein’s mechanical and electromagnetic models of the universe gave us our view of nature. Can the human condition be captured with a similarly universal model? Author Lawrence H. Taub believes so, and he develops three of them age, sex, and caste to reveal the deeper currents of history. The models presented in The Spiritual Imperative clarify the past, explain the present, and help anticipate the future. Taub uses these models to make insightful forecasts of future discontinuities that answer the major questions facing us today. Some of his predictions include: a regional political-economic block formed in the Far East and what this will mean to the world an alliance between the U.S. and Russia and how this will develop Israeli-Palestinian peace leading to a Pan-Semitic Union that will make the Middle East one of two main world centers of economic, political, and spiritual power in the mid-twenty-first century the replacement of technology with religion and spirituality as the main growth market in the twenty-first century The Spiritual Imperative provides insight into where human civilization has been and where it’s going.

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