South Beach Diet, The

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THE DIET EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT! Developed by noted Miami cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston for his patients, THE SOUTH BEACH DIET became a national phenomenon-because it works. It’s not low fat. It’s not low carbs. It teaches you to use the right carbs and the right fats to change your body chemistry to burn fat, help reduce your cholesterol, and help prevent metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes). As a result, you’ll lose weight quickly and safely. Dr. Agatston’s plan allows you to eat the foods you love-meat and fish, cheese, healthy oils and nuts, vegetables, and the right carbohydrates and sweets. There’s no mandatory exercise, and you’re never left craving more food. Structured in three simple phases, this may be the easiest diet that you’ve ever tried. PHASE ONE: Say goodbye to bad-for-you “goodies”! Your cravings will disappear…and so will eight to thirteen pound. PHASE TWO: Your stomach is visibly smaller and favorite foods are back on the menu! Your body is burning calories, not storing them! PHASE THREE:The stage that lasts the rest of your life-normal foods in normal portions. You will keep your ideal weight…and maintain your health and vitality. With recipes and meal plans for each phase! “The real value of the book is its sound nutritional advice.” -Newsweek

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