Raising Respectful Kids in a Rude World: Teaching Your Children the Power of Mutual Respect and Consideration

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Empowering Techniques for Raising Kind KidsNobody likes rude kids. But you love your children and want them to be liked and appreciated for who they are. Your challenge as a parent is to raise respectful children who in turn deserve respect. So how can you develop caring and courteous children in this individualistic and often crass world? By creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, the foundation for effective human relationships.Inside are practical methods and techniques for encouraging a two-way street of love and kindness with your children. You will learn how to parent the right way ”for respect, with respect ”and discover: ·Essential skills of parenting and teaching respect ·Constructive discipline methods that teach life skills ·Secrets to engendering compassion and tolerance in children ·Anger management and ways to address violent influences in society ·And much more! “I confidently recommend Raising Respectful Kids in a Rude World. It’s the best available resource for raising respectful, civil children of good character.” ”Len Sperry, M.D., PH.D., clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

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