Place Called Home, A

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The word “home” means something different to each of us. Mickey Pearlman has gathered together a group of writing women whose memories of home present a panorama of experience: Sandra Benítez, Maxine Hong Kingston, Mary Morris, Kathryn Harrison, Francine Prose, Arlene Hirschfelder, Erica Jong, Jill McCorkle, Melinda Worth Popham, Julie Smith, lucille clifton, Dani Shapiro, Marci Hershman, Meg Pei, Carole Maso, Rosellen Brown, Jane Shapiro, Sylvia Watanabe, and Lois Lowry. These writers look back to a place that sometimes appears as solid and unyielding as a piece of granite, but is actually as vital and elusive as a heartbeat. They remember firstborn children, destructive fires, homelessness, cherished workplaces, the sting of racism, and the safety of language while they dream again of the smell of rising bread, the sound of a daughter s voice, and the scent of wet morning grass. A Place Called Home: Twenty Writing Women Remember is a collection of original writing that you will cherish, give to others, and come to regard not only as a book, but as a letter from a friend.

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