Heartbeats: Encouraging Words for New Moms

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Welcome to MotherhoodAfter all these expectant months, your baby has at last arrived. Although you knew life would change, you may not have realized that the first few months – perhaps a full year – would consist of absolute adoration mixed with outright fear, hours of joy eclipsed at times by depression, and an experience much richer, much harder, much better than anything you might have imagined. Wisdom and Understanding . . . Guilt and Discouragement . . .While becoming a parent is exhilarating, there is also no experience that is more exhausting. Many mothers feel guilty about the inevitable negative emotions that accompany motherhood. Yet rest assured, all these feelings are a normal part of the mothering experience.Loneliness and Fatigue . . . Joy and Contentment . . .Discover how you can embrace and learn from all your emotions – both positive and perplexing-through the short, encouraging essays; nurturing quotes, poems, and scriptures; and honest prayers found in Heartbeats.

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