Times Squared

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Identical twin sisters Payton and Emma Mills have traded faces and created twin-dentical chaos at school and at home. But you haven ‘t seen anything yet. Payton and Emma are off to twin-vade New York City! Payton ‘s drama club plans a field trip to see an off-Broadway show, and Emma ‘s mathletes team will compete in an elite competition. Sounds twin-tastic! But Payton never imagined the star of the show would be Ashlynn, her old nemesis from summer camp whose chores Payton traded for designer clothes. Are Payton ‘s Summer Slave days coming back to haunt her? Or will she be saved by a flip-flop twin swap? Emma has her own nemesis to face ”she and Jazmine James are on the same team. But teamwork? Not so much. Since Jazmine is in it to win it will Emma have to twin it? Payton and Emma must do a ˜twins-formation ‘ to rescue each other again. And again! (Not again!) Toss in cute boys, crazy triplet poofy Pomeranian stage puppies, and New York City and things get a little twin-sane. Is the big city ready for Payton and Emma! (or is it Emma and Payton?) and their mixed-up mayhem? Which is which in the biggest twin switch yet!

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