There was no farewell

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“Marian Pretzel was born in Lvov (then a Polish city) in 1922, and migrated to Australia in 1949. His art studies were cut short in 1941, when the the German Army overran Lvov. Fourteen months later his parents were taken away by the Gestapo and Marian found himself without family, home or possessions. The story of how he used his artistic talent to survive the Holocaust by forging official German documents is described in … Portrait of a Young Forger … After fifty years away from Lvov Marian pretzel was joined by his wartime friend and fellow-sruvivor Jaanek Fuchs in a “farewell journey” back to Lvov. There Was No Farewell was conceived as a completely different book to Portrait of a Young Forger, “Marian says. “My object in writing this second work was to settle the dilemma in my mind concerning exactly what I had achieved by my return to Lvov. In the process of writing it, an unexpected outcome was revealed. By going to Lvov I elminated the probable regret that would ensue if I did not follow my desire ..

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