Supernaturalist, The

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Satellite City is a world built on technology and dark secrets. Cosmo Hill is one of those dark secrets, as well as hundreds of other boys who live at the Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys. Cosmo was sent to live at the Institute when he was found abandoned as a baby. He was considered a “no-sponsor” when his natural parents couldn’t be traced by the public-record DNA files, and no one came to claim him. Fourteen years later, Cosmo continues to be treated as a prisoner in the orphanage and only two choices remain: escape or die. The choice Cosmo has made is to escape.
The orphanage is considered a prime testing ground for pharmaceutical products and the latest gadgets in entertainment. It is not fun and games for the children though, where the life expectancy is fifteen. Cosmo goes through many adventures and misadventures.
THE SUPERNATURALIST can be considered science fiction, or a warning about what the future could be like in the next twenty-five, fifty years. Undoubtedly, THE SUPERNATURALIST is a story about friendship and its strength in the face of danger. This book has been made into a movie.

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