New Kid in School (Lizzie McGuire, #6)

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Lizzie can’t believe it-gorgeous Ethan Craft wants to have lunch with her! Not only that, she’ll get to meet Ethan’s new friend, a mysterious kid who’s just transferred from Fijji. He’s already made a movie with Steven Spielberg, skipped three grades, and taught Britney Spears how to dance! There’s only one problem. When Lizzie sees the new kid, she realizes he’s just her annoying kid brother, Matt. He got on the wrong school bus, told everyone a pack of liesand now he’s the most popular kid at Lizzie’s school! Should Lizzie totally bust him-or sit back and hope that his popularity rubs off on her? Plus, Lizzie gets a job at her favorite hangout, and finds out what it’s like to be in over her head.

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