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Madicken is actually named Margareta. But as a child, he called himself Madicken. Now, even though he is almost seven years old, he is still called Madicken. Only when he was naughty and had to be reprimanded, he was called Margareta. And she is often called Margareta, because in Junibacken every day there are exciting adventures and also excitement. Like when Madicken and Lizabet, his sister, were having a picnic on the roof of the warehouse.
At that time they saw a bird flying higher and higher. Madicken wanted to fly too. Abbe once told me that in war, there were people who jumped from airplanes and jumped using large umbrellas. If from an airplane that is thousands of meters high from the ground, you can do it from the roof of the warehouse, of course you can, thought Madicken …

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