Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed

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Ages 9-12. it was picture day in room nine. and paulie allen puffer has convinced junie b. that there is a monster under everybody’s bed.”why do you think that mommy’s and daddy’s sleep together? to keep each other safe from the monster!” paulie allen puffer finally convinced junie b. then to top it off, her best friend, that grace, told her that there really was a monster under her bed! so junie b. decided that her mom could bash it on the head. but when her mom got home she said that there was no such thing as a monster and that she wouldn’t bash the monster over the head with the broom. the next day that grace told her that her mom got rid of her monster. she sucked it up in the vacuum cleaner, and then she put the vacuum bag with the monster in it and she compacted it!

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