Destiny’s Call: Book Five – Deuteronomy: Biblical Fiction (Volume 5)

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Destiny’s Call brings to life scenes, stories and characters from the Book of Genesis. In captivating fictional short stories, Destiny’s Call gives a glimpse of the struggles of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, the birth and conflicts of the Tribes of Israel, and a deeper exploration of some of the colorful characters depicted in the Bible. Destiny’s Call relies heavily on biblical and archeological sources. The book includes questions for discussion, detailed hand-drawn maps of the ancient world, recreated genealogical records and timeline, an index of biblical references, and a glossary of biblical terms. Ben-Tzion Spitz is the author of the Torah Shorts blog (at, where he has published dozens of biblical fiction stories and biblical analysis based on ancient, medieval and contemporary sources. Spitz has been exploring and researching biblical stories and archeological findings for over two decades. He is also the creator and lecturer of the Biblical Fiction series in Jerusalem, Israel.

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