Rosie (and Me)

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Rosie comes of age in the “Roaring Twenties”. As svelte and lively as any flapper, she has everything: brains, looks, energy and wealth. Her life enfolds as a metaphor of this period. The era of the “booming twenties”, where the sky is the limit and there is no place to go but up, crashes in 1929. Simultaneously, Rosie’s dreams crumble. Both the country and Rosie must deal with their new realities. Soon thereafter, still early in life, Rosie is beset by an unremitting stream of physical disabilities that will continue to accumulate throughout the remainder of her life. Not one to surrender to adversity, Rosie’s indomitable spirit is fueled by sheer courage and extraordinary mental strength.A loving bond between mother and daughter (parent and child) that persists from birthing to final good-byes forms the basis for this tender, heart-rending memoir that will make you laugh, make you cry; but most of all, it will make you fall in love with Rosie.

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