Principles of Spiritual Activism

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Over the past three decades, Avi Weiss, with many colleagues, students and friends, has engaged in activism on behalf of the Jewish people. Beginning with the movements to free Soviet Jews and to defend the State of Israel, he has taken part in hundreds of demonstrations, marches, vigils, hunger strikes, and acts of civil disobedience. In some of these actions, he has publicly confronted such notorious anti-Semites as David Duke and Louis Farrakhan, and climbed over a fence and led supporters in a sit-in to protest the presence of a Carmelite convent at the Auschwitz death camp. This book outlines the principles behind those actions and others. For Avi Weiss, the thread that binds together the myriad of diverse moral, political and tactical equations of activism is Torah. Every action is based on principles that are deeply spiritual in nature. These principles may be likened to the branches of a tree spreading from a trunk of pillar-like strength with roots in the sacred foundation of Torah. The challenge is to ignite the divine spark and become a spiritual activist.

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