My Father, My King

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“When a person becomes aware of the reality of the Almighty’s existence, he will experience limitless joy. All the pleasures of the world are as nothing compared to the intense pleasure of a person cleaving to his Creator.” (Chazon Ish, Emunah U’ Bitachon 1:9). My Father, My King enables the reader to become more aware of this reality in all aspects of life. It will help intensify spiritual experiences and elevate the mundane. We are accustomed to calling G-d Avinu Malkeinu, our Father, our King, but Rabbi Yisroel Salanter emphasized the importance of relating to Him in the singular: “The Creator of the universe is my Father, my King.” Relating to the Creator in this way personalizes your relationship. Following the pattern of Rabbi Meir (Berachos 17a), Rabbi Zelig Pliskin has presented a comprehensive overview of basic Torah principles from G-d’s perspective. Each section is followed with insights and examples drawn from the author’s extensive teaching and counseling experience. This approach will enlighten both the beginner and the scholar. The result is a book that will be a constant source of inspiration.

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