Meeting Elijah: True Tales of Eliyahu Hanavi

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A man in white… A stranger at the Kotel… A mysterious doctor… A life-saving dream… In a moment of need, a stranger appears, offers help, and then disappears, as if by magic. These are encounters with Elijah the Prophet, who, in the Jewish tradition, never died, but still roams the world, helping, teaching, and admonishing people. Meeting Elijah is a collection of amazing real-life encounters with Elijah – Eliyahu Hanavi – heard directly from the people involved or close friends and relatives. In other stories, we see how the “Spirit of Elijah” can move in and through people, bringing them to the right place at the right time, in order to help and deliver others, even without their own awareness. In all cases, these stories reveal the remarkable level of Divine providence that we can experience in our lives, at any moment and in any place. The stories in this volume are surprising, inexplicable, and inspiring. They remind us that the world is a mysterious place, and that God’s deliverance can occur in the blink of an eye.

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