Light from Dvinsk, The

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He was the celebrated rav of a celebrated city. The author of sefarim that have be- come classics in the world of Torah learning. A leader who left his imprint on his generation—and ours. He was Rav Meir Simcha of Dvinsk, the Ohr Somayach, a towering figure in a generation of giants, a sage who illumi- nates our lives to this very day. For twenty-six years, Rav Meir Simcha toiled in Torah learning, rarely venturing out of his tiny room on the side of the beis midrash. Then he was thrust pell-mell into the turbulent life of a major city, as he took on the position of rav of Dvinsk. Together with his counterpart in the Chassidic community, the legendary Ro gatchover Gaon, Rav Meir Simcha led his kehilah with the devotion, love, and understanding that bespeak a true leader. Rav Meir Simcha’s contribution to his beloved people did not end with Dvinsk’s city limits. As a world-renowned Torah sage, he spoke out on the vital issues affecting a rapidly changing Jewish world. Inhiswritings, Rav Meir Simcha touched the lives of every Jew. Wrth Ohr Somayach, he gave the Jewish people a classic of lomdus and a new approach to the Rambam. In Meshech Chochmah, he proved himself a master of derush, synthesizing hashkafah, haladrah, and Jewish thought.

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