Labor of Love: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for the Mind, Body and Soul of the Jewish Woman, A

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Build a positive birth experience on a foundation of faith and understanding. Change your thinking about yourself, your birth, and pain. Understand how to unlock your potential as a Jewish woman and mother. For each woman, the childbirth experience is unique and unpredictable. This is why, in anticipating birth, a woman experiences a myriad of emotions: excitement, apprehension, and fear of the unknown. With learning, understanding, and faith in Hashem (God), every woman has the potential to transform her birth into a gratifying and spiritual experience. A Labor of Love is a comprehensive and invaluable guide that covers every important stage of labor and birth, with over 50 beautiful and helpful illustrations and moving birth stories. Rachel Broncher, a childbirth teacher with over 25 years of experience, combines vital information, practical guidance, and the timeless wisdom of our rich Jewish heritage to empower women to make their birth a labor of love. It’s your birth; be informed, be prepared, and be inspired.

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