Journals of Faith: Cancer, Commitment & Hope

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This is a story about thinking. How do we think about life? This is also a story about feeling. How do we feel about others and G-d? Can we find meaning in our challenges? Can we control how we think and feel about the surprises that life tends to send our way? When we are faced a medical situation, should we simply rely on our doctors or research medical options ourselves? How do we educated moderns approach prayer and trust in G-d? Can we see the goodness of the world during a time of suffering? These journal entries by Ricki Simon and her late husband, Dr. Ely Simon, zl, began as honest and moving reflections as they faced crisis. They have become a beautiful account of a couple’s journey, and a touching and inspirational story that will forever change how we deal with challenge, crisis, family, and belief. Enter their world and emerge stronger, deeper, and closer to G-d.

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