Jerry Falwell and the Jews

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At a pastors’ conference early in 1999, the Reverend Jerry Falwell stated that in his view the Antichrist will be a Jew, since the role of that antagonist of Christ is to deceive the Jewish people and pretend to be the Messiah. In response to an uproar in the Jewish community, Falwell clarified his controversial statement and offered an apology for his insensitivity. In this 1999 reissue of the late Merrill Simon’s revealing Jerry Falwell and the Jews, we discover what the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian leader truly believes. Over a period of two years more than a decade ago, Simon-a man deeply involved in Jewish affairs but also attuned to the pulse of Christianity-met with Falwell numerous times and posed vital questions: Do Jews practice an incomplete religion? Are Jews and the State of Israel subjected to a moral double standard? Should Judea and Samaria be part of the State of Israel? Do you favor legislation against homosexuals? If abortion is murd! er, should criminal penalties be imposed? Do you feel responsible as a servant of the Church to approve anti-Semitism? As Jerry Falwell himself acknowledges, Mr. Simon’s pointed and provocative questions forced him to probe deep within his soul in order to clarify his beliefs and articulate them in a straightforward manner. Jerry Falwell and the Jews presents those beliefs concisely and without judgment. It offers great insight into the heart and mind of one of the most important and influential religious leaders of our time.

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