Israel: The Will to Prevail

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Since its inception, the state of Israel has had a tumultuous relationship with its neighboring nations. Years of political fallout and military conflict have created continual tension in the region. Meanwhile, the United States continues to use Israel as a subordinate satellite at the same time as it imposes policies to be enforced by the State without thought to whether they are in Israel’s best interests.However, a new generation coming to power in Israel sees that the present momentis the crucial time for Israel to assert its sovereignty to the external forces who have mistreated the country. From this new generation, deputy speaker of the Knesset Danny Danon has become a strong voice for Israelis who no longer care to acquiesce to the demands of others. With an infectious ardor, he takes on the issues that impede Israel’s ability to fully establish itself in the modern era, caused to years of unquestioning fealty to US policy. Envisioning a bold new path to a final peacein a region that continues to argue over the same failed solutions, Danon shows how a victorious, independent Israel that is able to defend its borders and interests without foreign intervention is not only beneficial to establishing peace in the region, but to world at large.

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