Tough Customer: A Novel

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New York Times bestselling thriller master Sandra Brown returns with another sleep-with-the-lights-on summer thriller. Private investigator Dodge Hanley’s daughter is targeted by a deranged stalker”the daughter he’s never met. Filled with Ms. Brown’s trademarks: edge-of-your-seat suspense; tight plotting with surprise twists and hairpin turns; and white-hot sizzle.When a deranged stalker attempts to murder her daughter Berry, Caroline King has no doubts who to contact for help: Berry’s father, the cagey private investigator Dodge Hanley. It’s been thirty years since Dodge last saw Caroline, but the savvy real estate mogul still haunts his dreams. He has a whole bagful of grudging excuses for ignoring Caroline’s call”and one compelling reason to drop everything and fly down to Texas to protect the daughter he’s never met: guilt. As always, Dodge’s perseverance knows no bounds as he teams with Ski Nyland, a small-town sheriff, but the alarming situation worsens when the stalker claims other victims, leaving a trail of clues lethally pointing toward Berry. And Dodge”a street-smart fighter who has always put his life on the line”realizes that this time, he’s risking his heart as well…

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