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Translated from spanish: Narrated in the voice of a young woman, this is a magnificent historical novel, set at the end of the 19th century in Chile, and a marvelous family saga in which we rediscover some characters from Hija de la fortuna and La casa de los espíritus, novels summit in the work of Isabel Allende. The main theme is memory and family secrets. The protagonist, Aurora del Valle, suffers a brutal trauma that determines her character and wipes the first five years of her life from her mind. Raised by her ambitious grandmother, Paulina del Valle, she grows up in a privileged environment, free from many of the limitations that oppress women of her time, but haunted by horrible nightmares. When she must face the betrayal of the man she loves and her loneliness, she decides to explore the mystery of her past. A work of extraordinary human dimension that elevates the author’s narrative to levels of literary perfection.

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