If You Awaken Love

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What did I ask of you Iri – and why did you leave me? Shlomtzion has been haunted by this question for twenty-one years, ever since her beloved fiance Yair broke their engagement – and her heart. Fleeing her home in Jerusalem, and renouncing the deeply religious world they had so passionately shared, she recreated herself as an interior designer in secular Tel Aviv. Now, Shlomtzion is a single mother distraught because her daughter wants to enter the world she herself cast off. When Maya tells her mother she is engaged, she has no idea of the trauma she is unleashing. Her fiance is none other than Yair’s son. On a fateful weekend when national tensions come to a head, Shlomtzion finds herself on the road to the settlement where Yair lives, not only to plan her daughter’s wedding, but to confront, for the first time, her former love, the life she never had, and ultimately, herself.

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