How Not to Shop

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Annie Valentine is about to take makeovers to an extreme, in Carmen Reid’s sparkling new novel. Personal shopper Annie is thrilled to discover that she and her favourite serial multi-millionaire-marrier, Svetlana, are to host a new series of TV makeover shows! But it’s only after she has quit her job at the store does she discover that this is reality TV on a shoestring. Not only that, but she and Svetlana are going to be sharing TV space with the formidable Madame Marlise.Meanwhile family life is more hectic than ever. Owen is now deeply green, and Lana deeply teen, and Annie is away for days leaving Ed to run the dairy, badly. This isn’t what Ed signed up for. He wants more together time, more fun. He wants a dog. And he may even want a baby!It doesn’t help matters when Ed brings home a horrible, hairy, deaf rescue dog. And then Svetlana’s secret daughter comes to stay, and she’s all kinds of trouble. Can Annie save her clients, her career and her family, before they all come tumbling down around her? And will Ed get his way, and make their family a little, er . . . larger?

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