Forbidden Stranger: 2 Novels in 1

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Two forbidden loves . . . Heather Graham FORBIDDEN FIRE Proud and beautiful Marissa Ayers grew up determined to escape her life of hardship, so when she was asked to stand in for the bride-to-be in an arranged marriage to wealthy Ian Tremayne, Marissa knew she had found her chance. But though her husband claimed to want nothing from her, his passionate gaze promised to uncover the hidden truth about his wife . . . Julia Justiss SEDUCTIVE STRANGER The Season was proving to be disastrous! Caragh Sudley’s father had entrusted Lord Branson with finding husbands in London for Caragh and her sister, Ailis. But Ailis had proved difficult and had run away with a notorious rake. Now Caragh realized she was hopelessly in love with the one man she could never have — Lord Branson, her handsome and entirely too honorable chaperon!

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