Centaur in the Garden

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In The Garden of Delights, a Tunisian restaurant in Sao Paulo, Guedali Tartakovsky celebrates his 38th birthday–that splendid age of newfound maturity and comprehension. It is only now that Guedali is able to revel in memories of glorious times past. Born a centaur–a mythical creature half-horse, half-human–Guedali describes his family’s flight from Russia to Brazil at the turn of the century, the shock of his birth, the loving care of his parents and his sisters, the mounting resentment of his brother, and his extraordinary experiences being raised as a Jew. Torn between his deep attachment to his family and his natural instincts to roam wild, Guedali searches for a place where his startling duality is accepted and embraced. He joins a traveling circus, only to be discovered in an intimate encounter with the lion tamer. Guedali finds himself on the run again, and meets his life companion–a centauress. Together they embark on a journey to create a place where the human and the wild can live in peaceful coexistence.

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