Bourne Sanction, The

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Originally, back in the dim and distant past that we now call 2008, this was my first introduction to Jason Bourne. An airport purchase having seen the three movies I was immediately confused by this book which appeared to bear no relation to those movies at all beyond the name of the main character and the fact that he’d apparently suffered from total memory loss at some previous point. At the time I didn’t realise that the movies had pretty much kept only those two things (and the book titles) – no wonder I was thrown. Having since gone back and read the original three Ludlum novels and the two other Lustbader follow-on novels, coming back to this book again six years later makes a whole heap more sense than I remember before. Obviously, this has a become a series that requires you to have read the character’s past to get the most out of the next book.
Suddenly I knew who Soroya Moore, Tyrone and Moira were this time and the story made sense at last. There were still a few annoyances – Lustbader is changing the character of Ludlum’s Bourne with each book, each time becoming a little more reactive, even though he should know more of himself than any book before, it seems to suit Lustbader to have Bourne react to a formula plot rather than drive the plot himself. Maybe Bourne’s just getting lazy now he isn’t fighting so hard to find out who he is. His son of the previous novels has just vanished, and instead the super-villain Arkadin is on the rise and Bourne’s enemy (for the next few novels at least).
Specter just appears in this novel with no real previous connection to Bourne, and yet with Lindros and Bourne’s wife gone, he is just as suddenly Bourne’s most trusted mentor (the formulaic replacement of Lindros and Conklin). Specter is a truly stupid name for a mentor that we’re supposed to trust, it just screams of intrigue and untrustworthiness

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