Above the Law

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New York Times bestselling author J. F. Freedman delivers his best novel since Against the WindNora Ray, a DA in northern California, has just been called upon to investigate a recent police killing, which she believes may be a government cover-up, and she calls in Special Prosecutor and old friend Luke Garrison to help her find out. The case centers around a high-profile raid conducted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, in which one of the biggest drug-dealing gangs in the country is uncovered and its notoriously reclusive leader, Reyaldo Juarez, is shot and killed-despite direct orders from the U.S. Attorney General to take him alive at any cost and detain him as a possible witness in other drug cases. Because the DEA has stonewalled its own investigation into the Juarez killing, Nora suspects that the killer might actually be a member of its investigative task force and she wants Garrison to help her prosecute him. What Nora and Garrison couldn’t have known, they soon uncover in a snakepit of intrigue, crime in high places, and lies-ending in a shocking trial and the deceit of some of Garrison’s closest friends. “Freedman exhibits the kind of raw storytelling power that keeps readers turning pages deep into the night.”-Entertainment Weekly

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