Zichron Baruch Chaim

In Memory of Barry Shuter z"l

Barry's Eternal Light Ner Tamid Dedication

Our project in honor of Baruch Chaim ben Gedaliah's 10th Yahrtzeit

The Shuter triplets want to dedicate a lasting memorial to their father, Barry Shuter – Baruch Chaim ben Gedaliah z”l. 

The Zichron Baruch Chaim project focuses on fundraising campaigns designed to get others involved in doing Mitzvot and recognize the blessings in their lives. The money raised in these campaigns is donated to local charities and institutions. Past Campaigns have included book sales, tag sales, hair donation drives, and more. One ongoing project is to raise money for Beit Midrash Derech Avot in Neve Daniel as a sign of appreciation for all the Yishuv has done for them.

To Donate to this Memorial, please contact us to share your intention to donate:
The Shuter Family – Zichron Baruch Chaim, TD 383, Neve Daniel 90909, Israel

NIS checks should be made out to: עמותת מוסדות דת נווה דניאל
US checks should be made out to: Central Fund of Israel (earmarked for Neve Daniel Amuta)